Proposal/Contract no:
STRP 033256


The Executive Committee, responsible for policy, decision-making, arbitration and implementation of the policy and decisions of the Consortium, is composed of the Coordinator and representatives appointed by each of the partners. 75% of the ExComm members must be present in order to take decisions. Decisions will be taken by majority vote, in case the vote is tied, the coordinator shall have the casting vote. The ExComm decides on political and strategic orientation of the Project, on the Program of Activities and Plan of Use and Dissemination and on the budget and the financial allocation of the EU contribution to the different activities, if any deviation from the original planning might occur. The ExComm members are:

Anna Mitraki,
Ehud Gazit,
Winnie Svendsen,
Mark van Raaij,
Trevor Forsyth,
Saul Tendler,
Marc Heuschke

The Activity Leaders, are responsible for the nine WPs, in each case, the most experienced partner being the WP leader. The activity leaders are responsible to closely monitor the deadlines of the WPs, the encountered problems, and to report periodically on the status of the WPs to the ExComm. They suggest any action at any moment of the project, which might improve efficiency and quality of research. The Activity leaders are:

Mark van Raaij
Ehud Gazit
Saul Tendler
Trevor Forsyth
Anna Mitraki
Winnie Svendsen
Marc Heuschkel/Solomzi Makohliso
Ari Barzilai
Elisabeth Csöregi
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